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Great designs don't need big budgets, just the right people.

Hi! I'm Sarah, I've been a Wix Pro designer since 2009 and continue to strive to achieve excellence for each and every client around the world. 

We work hard, we work fast & we churn out a website nothing short of spectacular!

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Fırat İleri 
Business Development Manager

I've met Punchface Studio while I was looking for a Wix Pro web designer for our website(which was a template based website that time). I've noticed that Punchface Studio designs were rather significant and when I asked for a proposal I've realized that they were affordable as well. In about a week they have designed an almost finished website, the rest of the time we dealt with small details and made small changes to the site. During the design process they always mentioned deadlines and stick to the deadlines. I'm overall satisfied with the design process and I'd recommend to anybody who's looking to make a difference for their business or personal web presence.


“Lauretta Zucchetti - 415-272-7369”

“Sarah is a maverick at what she does. In no time she had a whole website ready to go in the way I wanted it, elegant, understated and fully complying with the necessary features. She also went over time and did more than what I had asked her to do. I am confident that she could handle anything and recommend her for website building needs!”

Nancy W

Sarah's work speaks for itself... she is a uniquely-talented and creative web designer. But what's even more important than that, she is a delight to work with, always delivers what she says she's going to do on-time and on-budget, and requires little to no direction. I am thrilled to have found her!


Seymone (Owner at

It was a complete pleasure working with Sarah! Not only was my budget reasonable, but my expectations were far exceeded. Unlike other designers, Sarah was happy to give me what I want and perfected it! Her professionalism and creative spirit brought to life my vision! Look at my website! You would think twice if you knew it was a small business.


Marcie (Owner at

Thank you Sarah for your amazing promptness and your ability as a web designer to look at my attempt to build a website and come up with my idea of a website overnight was fantastic! You're always prompt with your responses and making any updates I neeed. Thank you for a wonderful job and my awesome website!