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WIXPRO* Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Languages: English

Web sites should be both beautiful and functional. Clean architecture with creative graphics wins!

I started Solo Designs in 1991. Since then, I have focused on providing my clients with creative work which captures the viewers attention and communicates the message desired. Clean, creative and functional is my approach to design.  I developed the skill of web site development out of necessity as most of my clients needed a web presence as well as marketing collateral.  I have grown to love! Wix allows me to be as creative as I'd like, yet provides the tools for functionality to serve the client's needs.  I believe ONE of my greatest strengths is helping my clients work through their site to develop a clean, clear architecture and then I create a dymanic look which is unique to them. My work varies from conservative financial, to creative floral designs. I hope I might be able to help you create a dymanic, powerful web presence!