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WIXPRO* Location: New York, USA Languages: English

Specializing in Content Development and Creative Design for Results-Driven Marketing!

My business is dedicated to helping clients build their business!

I understand the heart and labor that goes into building a business. The work I do for companies who are either just starting out or established but (finally) ready to make some noise in the marketplace is very natural to me and what I'm most passionate about...being part of growth and development for others is the most gratifying feeling ever.

The website is your company or association's "business card"!
Your website is the best communications vehicle to demonstrate your position as a leader in business and in the community!

I build vibrant, functional websites that get noticed for their thoroughness, professionalism and visual attractiveness.
(You'll want to take full advantage of WIX apps for sliders and my design skills to take your site to the next level of cool!)

You may not be a technology trendsetter....but you can sure look like one! My software provides you with a mobile site that's uber-hip, reliable, functional and just plain fun!

When you engage Patty Stern Creative to design and manage your website, the mobile site is INCLUDED IN YOUR FEE!
That's'll also get a state-of-the-art MOBILE WEBSITE that perfectly compliments your desktop site.

WHY A MOBILE SITE? The use of "smart phones" will continue to increase as more people look to their handheld devices to source information on the go.
The mobile site means pages load faster and we can customize the pages to give the whole story or a shorter narrative of pertinent information only...your choice!

Website Design Philosophy:
Whether the goal is simply to let people know who you are, what your business philosophies are, where you’re located and the services you offer or the goal is to promote products & services or upcoming events, conferences or trade shows, your company’s image in the community will increase exponentially by having a functional website designed and managed by Patty Stern Creative.

Engage website visitors, don't chase them away! The website needs to accurately reflect the image of your company or organization with taste and functionality.
We don't get caught up in designing sites that will distract the user. Rather, your site is designed to perform as the "nucleus" of communication.

About me...
I've been involved in the meeting and event industry since 1992, when we owned the premier transportation company in Dallas, Five Star Limousines. Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies, Celebrities, Dignitaries and Sports Teams and we were the exclusive carrier for Walker, Texas Ranger and The Dallas Mavericks.​

I'm respected in the industry for strategic attention to detail, a professional demeanor and a contagious enthusiasm that generates buy-in and participation from everyone involved!  I strive to proactively stay one step ahead at all times and always have a plan B in place to ensure success at every turn.​

My role as your collaborative marketing partner is to help define your focus, brand your company and reputation in the marketplace, help you connect in the marketplace to forge new partnerships in the community  and, of course, manage your website and all marketing & communications, whether it be electronic, print, social or digital.
​My planning approach is strategic and I reflect upon my own business experiences as a guide to help you make informed decisions.​

The process begins with getting to know who your are and what your style is so I can best understand the dynamics of the audience being served and respond accordingly with ideas and solutions.​

By investing time on the forefront to devise strategic planning, all the stages of development run more smoothly. With me on the team, you'll  experience less stress and more excitement...thus increasing the viability to seize those new opportunities that arise daily!