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Original Wix Web Designs that strengthen your Business Image.

Diana Fairthorne is a Senior-Level Creative whose Work can establish or enhance your online presence.
With twenty years of experience in Art Direction and Design — more than five of those spent implementing the Wix Web Design platform, she can develop an aesthetically pleasing Website that suits your objectives.
Feel welcome to contact her for a price-quote, to discover more about specific Services, or to place your order for a certain kind of Design.
You can select any or all of the options listed immediately below for integration into your Website:

• Picture Galleries 
• Custom-Designed User-Friendly Interfaces
• Video Embedding, Interactive Elements / Animated Flash-Enabled Components
• E-Commerce Features
• Branding / Logo / Corporate Identity Design and Development
• Banner Design / Superimposed Text (* This Service costs extra)
• Photo Editing
• Log-In Areas (Password-Protected)
• HTML Add-Ins / Site Enhancements
• Search Engine Optimization (Typically Page One Results)
• Copywriting

* You may specify either an HTML5 or Flash-based Presentation.
* Mobile-Optimization can be implemented upon request. A surcharge applies.  

Personal Requests regarding the production of Autobiographical Content (Diana's own life) will NOT be considered.

The Lifestyles, Views, and Opinions expressed on Diana's Customers’ Websites don’t necessarily coincide with Diana's own Values and Beliefs.

"Yes, you can use your own Personalized Domain." This is a Premium Feature, which can be enabled upon purchasing an Upgrade directly through For further details regarding this issue, please refer to the following Chart:  

* Site Addresses as linked to on this Profile have been presented as created within the Designer's own Wix Account; for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of the Designs as actually delivered (i.e.: not displaying evidence of any Client-initiated Edits / Modifications implemented after the fact). 



Diana has a Degree in: 'ADVERTISING: Communication & Design'
* Concentration in Advertising Art Direction, Copywriting, and Design *

— Has completed courses in: Ad-Industry-Standard Computer-Graphics Software Programs: Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress
[The International Academy of Merchandising & Design | 1996]

— Is a: Certified Premier HTML Developer (Honours)
[ / The New York Times Company | 2009]


~ Diana has a Total of 12 Years of Web Design Experience ~


"You were prompt, professional, very knowledgeable and delivered everything you promised you would - traits which deserve recognition. Thanks again." ADAGIO NATURALS


“I hired Diana to develop a mobile optimized website and I am delighted with her work. Design Kraft Signs is dependent on online sales, so our site needed to be organized, well designed and function flawlessly which is exactly what Diana delivered!

Google Analytics does not lie... Since Diana's exceptional work our "bounce" rate has decreased and the average time a visitor spends on our site has increased.  Exactly what I wanted.

Diana understood the high standards I required and not only met my expectations but EXCEEDED them.  Diana was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend!” 
— Morgan G., Owner, DESIGN KRAFT SIGNS