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Great designs don't need big budgets, just the right people.

The Punchface Studio is a collaboration between myself (Sarah) and my partners Andre, Sonya & Mayra. We've been Wix Pro designers  for over 5 years and continue to strive to achieve excellence for each and every client around the world. 

We work hard, we work fast & we churn out a website nothing short of spectacular!

Get a custom quote on our website www.thepfstudio.com, using our Website design brief or simply purchase one of our ready-made packages!

or you can just drop us an email at sarahjkwix@gmail.com

Lauretta Zucchetti - 415-272-7369

Sarah is a maverick at what she does. In no time she had a whole website ready to go in the way I wanted it, elegant, understated and fully complying with the necessary features. She also went over time and did more than what I had asked her to do. I am confident that she could handle anything and recommend her for website building needs!

Nancy W

Sarah's work speaks for itself... she is a uniquely-talented and creative web designer. But what's even more important than that, she is a delight to work with, always delivers what she says she's going to do on-time and on-budget, and requires little to no direction. I am thrilled to have found her!


Seymone (Owner at www.incomparablybeautiful.com)

It was a complete pleasure working with Sarah! Not only was my budget reasonable, but my expectations were far exceeded. Unlike other designers, Sarah was happy to give me what I want and perfected it! Her professionalism and creative spirit brought to life my vision! Look at my website! You would think twice if you knew it was a small business.


Marcie (Owner at www.kixxies.com)

Thank you Sarah for your amazing promptness and your ability as a web designer to look at my attempt to build a website and come up with my idea of a website overnight was fantastic! You're always prompt with your responses and making any updates I neeed. Thank you for a wonderful job and my awesome website!