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www.creativegrowthnetwork.com Location: New York, USA Languages: English

Small Business. Big Ideas.

I absolutley love creating wix websites and working with my clients to come up with the appropriate design to reflect the business they want to grow.  The importance of small businesses to have an online presence is more important now than ever.  On top of site creation, my service includes tutorial sessions to educate you on how to make easy changes of content to your site!  This keeps your online voice fresh and allows you to continually engage with your growing audience.  

If you are like me you have dealt with your fair share of flake-out web designers that caused headaches as they held the content of your site (and your business) in the palm of their hands.  That tyranny can finally come to an end!  Work with me and we will create an online presence that truly fits your brand and then allow me to show you how to manage, edit and upkeep your site so that you will feel empowered to take ownership of your online voice. Can't wait to get started!